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One night, in the disguise of darkness, a mother & daughter flee the threat of the man who should love them; swapping home for safety & new beginnings. Part poetry, part illustrated notes with scribbles pages to write down your own thoughts along the way.

Reading age: 13+


Pearl by name and pearl by nature. This collection of poems and inspiring thoughts about the journey to being a wise woman is a stunning debut from Charlotte Pearl.’

— Rachel Kelly,

writer & mental health advocate 


I'm Charlotte,

poet, illustrator and award-winning designer.

I weave words with pictures and love poetry because it holds a lot in a small space of words. When I don't have time or the band-with to read much a poem is my quick fix. I write poetry like other people write diaries.

My poetry book, 'after-words'  launched at the iconic Notting Hill Bookshop (yes the one from that film)  where it is a bestseller.

Charlotte x

staying still

“you are born you
And the world enters.
A little less you,
A little more them.
You are old enough to know
You were enough before.”




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