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Breaking boundaries

Today’s walk-think.

Something I read on Twitter earlier made me

consider how an international crisis needs to be solved internationally. Pool all our information, our resources, our efforts. A crisis doesn’t stop and select its target market. It can’t be halted by prejudice or hemmed in by passport control. So we too must confront it as a combined people.

Breaking boundaries

They can talk of walls and borders

The rulers, the social undertakers,

Debt collectors dealing in human spirits,

Purveyors of rights and freedoms

Like they are interchangeable commodities;

Selling them for a surer thing

as any coked up trader

Would, on an international scale.

Yes they can talk all right and we can listen.

We can’t help but hear, our moral code creased

With words like roots wriggling,

Furrowing forwards spreading outwards.

Under-ground until sharp stems rise,

Break though our vulnerabilities

And invade the air we breathe.

It’s an ill wind indeed that sews the weeds we water.

But you can’t contain a people,

A genus, a human population.

You can’t order it, Segregate it

Into sections like some kids prized collection;

Rating us all according to

how swappable we are. Or

How indispensable. To the system.

Dissect us down we’re all 4 types of atoms.

Try to isolate us with

Your lies, your deeds. Your power.

Oozing all that empty promise

Bought in the gold of a soul sold.

Money impresses but so do

Smaller less shiny things,

Microscopic in fact.

Fake news spreads. Viruses leak.

Not so clever to keep to your category,

Your status subdivision now is it?

But why trade wisdoms when we can trade weapons. Huh?

Sometimes size matters. Tiny can be terrifying.

Walls won’t work with nature

But breaking boundaries will.

Togetherness is what it takes and to think

Something so small should show us where our strength lies .

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